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All About Sassy

All About Beau

Sassy's 2017 Litter

Dame - Sassy -------------------------- Sire - Beau

We are not planning anymore litters for Sassy!

She is retiring to a life of leisure here on the farm.

English Shepherd Puppies from Kettlestick Farm

132 Overby Plantation Lane - Kenbridge, Virginia 23944

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Email: will@kettlestick.net

Born Saturday February 23, 2019

8 Females ---- 4 Males

All Puppies have gone to their forever homes in California, MD - Henderson, NC - Oxford, NC - Raleigh, NC - Machipongo, VA - 2 Montvale, VA - Powhatan, VA - Virginia Beach, VA - Green Bay, VA - and 2 Victoria, VA.

New Video Sunday April 21st.

Easter Puppy Run - Eight Weeks Old - The "Final Four"
- will be leaving for their new homes later this week.

Video Thursday April 11th.

Puppies on the Loose - Almost seven Weeks Old

Video and Photos Sunday April 7th.
12 Puppies Under Contract Video - Six Weeks Old

No Available Puppies - Six Weeks Old

Individual Puppy Video Three Weeks Old

Three Weeks Old

March 16th, Pups are eyes wide open, started feeding a mush of Kibble and goats milk this past week.
They are now fully mobile.


Twelve Puppies Day 2

Day 2 Video

Twelve Puppies February 26th, 2019

Day 3 Video

We have registered the liter with the United Kennel Club.
Each puppy will come with a certificate from UKC for permanent Registration.
Also each puppy will come with a record of its worming schedule and first vaccinations.
They can go to their forever homes on April 20th.

contact us at
Email: will@kettlestick.net

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